Please be careful with HMRC phone scam

Source: Release Time: 07:56:02 2020-03-04

Phoned this morning by a 'lady' pertaining to be an HMRC case officer. The message was: 'This is Heather Gray, I am a case officer from Her Majesties Revenue and Customs, HMRC have filed a lawsuit in court against you. To discuss your case press 1'. My sister panicked into pressing 1, a live person answered who informed her that that £9000 tax was due for year 2012/13 in the most serious tones, the money had to be paid at once or a warrant would be issued for her arrest. To avoid a 50% further penalty the money could be paid by instant bank transfer, or the bank account would be closed and the money taken out directly by HMRC, as the law had been changed allowing HMRC to do this.

My sister was in tears and very distressed, but fortunately hung up. The callers number was 02033895932, although the scammers use many different UK landline numbers to give the call extra validity. Researching this scam online it seems to be operated in the UK, although the initial message has a US accent.

Apparently this scam has already netted several million pounds for the fraudsters. They use shock and awe tactics to terrify callers into paying up instantly by phone before they realise they have been scammed.

The absolute scum of the Earth, please be aware.