Be wary of some US and Canadians posing as Mexico travel scams

Source: admin Release Time: 05:04:50 2019-09-03

There's a group in the Cancun area which are involved in a massive illegal marketing campaign here in the US and Canada. The calls will come in on your home and cell phones as a local number but they are really using hijacked numbers to spoof the caller ID.

They go by two different names... Holiday Sands International and Tropical Beachfronts (with .com websites by the same name) and the recorded message starts out with things like:

"Hello and thank you for being a Marriott Rewards Member, because of your service you qualify for a special discount holiday package". There are also calls like "Thank you for choosing (or Expedia) you have won a special discounted five star resort package" . They have also called posing as United Airlines and even Walt Disney World.

They do not care if you inform them they are calling a cell phone or that you are in the Do Not Call list nor will they honor requests for them to stop calling. They actually have told me that as they are calling from Mexico that they do not care about US laws as they do not apply to them.

These are dangerous scammers who are forging caller ID displays and misleading people into thinking they are dealing directly with Marriott,Priceline etc.I have filed a complaint with PROFECO but the calls just keep coming in. Holiday Sands International at 1-800-982-7431 and Tropical Beach Fronts at 866-855-2597. Both have the exact same scratchy hold music and use the exact same recordings claiming to be calling from different companies.